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Group 2 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech




Marrakech to Zagora 2 Days Desert Tour:

Discover the amazing sights of the Morocco Sahara Desert on a two-day desert excursion that takes you from Marrakech through Zagora. This affordable adventure is ideal for those with little time, but would like to experience the desert that extends beyond Marrakech. You’ll be part of the small group of 17 other like-minded travelers and get the privacy of a private camping site in Zagora. Ride through in the wilderness on a camelback, and take in delicious meals beneath the stars to experience a truly unforgettable night desert safari.


2-Day Marrakech Marrakech to Zagora Desert Tour - Highlights:

2 Days Marrakech to Zagora Desert Trip Itinerary:

Begin your unforgettable two-day getaway into the Zagora desert, which is located in Marrakech with a quick early morning departure at 7:30 AM. Your journey starts by taking a scenic drive traversing the twisting Tizi N'tichka Pass and passing through picturesque Berber villages where the daily routine is a celebration of vibrant customs. Take in the beautiful scenery in this region of the High Atlas Mountains during a quick stop to snap photos and enjoy refreshments.

Once you've reached the famous Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, visitors are invited to wander the mud-brick walls of old that evoke stories from an earlier time. This historic gem, which is the location of numerous epic films, provides the option of a guided tour for an affordable fee that allows you to go deeper into the fascinating story of its history.

Then, take a restful lunch break prior to the journey that will take you past Ouarzazate toward the stunning Agdz oasis. The route continues on to the Draa Valley, which is a beautiful swathe of date palms that is Morocco's largest palm plantation, and providing stunning views.

The day's adventure culminates with a visit to the Zagora desert in the Zagora desert, where a full-hour camel ride awaits the chance to be in front of an unforgettable Saharan sunset. The day's adventures turn into the evening of cuisine and culture in the traditional Berber camp in the desert. Enjoy the peace of the Sahara and enjoy the desert without dunes to be seen, but a sky that is infinity.

In the evening, you can savor the aromas of an Moroccan meal beneath the night sky. The night is alive with the pulsing drums Berber drums, an accompaniment of your host family who are part of the ancestral music of their forefathers. In this secluded peace there is no need to be an observer, but part of the mythological desert tale which is open to you to investigate the night's mysteries or just soak up the utter silence of the night in the desert.

Experience an unforgettable experience that blends the natural world, culture and the past, all designed to be SEO-friendly and enthralling narrative to an audience that is seeking adventures throughout Morocco. Moroccan desert.

Wake up to the tranquil beauty of a desert dawn on the last morning of the Marrakech and Zagora tour. After a hearty breakfast in the serene vastness of the Sahara You'll take an early morning camel ride, which is a serene hike to the point where you'll begin your return journey. The next destination is Ouarzazate which is a city renowned for its beautiful cinematic landscapes which is where you can enjoy a relaxing lunch and get the chance to tour the ancient Taourirt Kasbah.

When the sun's afternoon rays cast its golden hues across the landscape and your return journey to Marrakech will take you through the magnificent High Atlas Mountains, a route that is famous for its stunning views.

The tour ends with the sun setting and you arrive in Marrakech timed for early evening, at around 19:00 in the summer and a more chilly 20:00 during winter. This two-day desert trip is a perfect blend of adventure, culture and breathtaking beauty, which is sure to be the highlight of your Moroccan trip.

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Know Before You Go:

Frequently Asked Questions:

The journey starting from Marrakech towards the Zagora desert is of 355 km (220 miles). The typical drive time is about 7 hours and passes through the beautiful High Atlas Mountains, the town of Ouarzazate and Ouarzazate, and the Agdz Village. If you plan to stop at a place for sightseeing lunch, coffee, or lunch it could increase the total travel time.

Zagora Desert is predominantly characterized by its flat, rocky landscape, which is dotted with dunes made of sand. There is one exception close to the camp that is comfortable which has a tiny sand dune. The overall terrain of Zagora is quite different from the typical sandy deserts of dune that are usually found in the Sahara.

Yes, tents at Zagora camp in the desert are private.

Showers are shared and toilets just outside your camping tent in the cozy camping area.

We strongly recommend that you bring towels and shower ingredients for each night. Unfortunately, the company that runs the camp in Merzouga will not supply towels except if you choose to upgrade to the luxurious Sahara camping in the desert.

Yes, you can. the backpack will be secured inside the van during your camping trip. But, you must prepare a small backpack in order to embark on your camel journey to reach the Sahara camping area in the desert.

There are electric outlets inside the Zagora campsite restaurant. But, they will shut off the electric generators after midnight.

If you select the desert camp that is comfortable bathroom facilities are shared. If you opt to upgrade to a luxury camp, bathrooms are within the tent.

A camel ride within Zagora desert. Zagora desert will include an hour-long sunset camel ride and about 40 minutes of sunrise camel rides early in the day. Time will vary based on the time of year, the sunset and sunrise times.

There isn’t a quad bike operator in Zagora desert.

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